UVU provides space and support for various methods of posting content on the UVU-sponsored web server. Database and application content are subject to approval, must conform to the technology available for the web server, and must fit within applicable space limits. Concerns about content stored on the UVU-sponsored web server will be addressed on a case-by-case basis by the Associate Provost for Academic Administration in Academic Affairs.

All content hosted for any faculty member using the UVU-sponsored web server:

  • is considered public and open; no limitations may be imposed for access;
  • must conform to the highest ethical standards for public content;
  • must have clear academic or professional value, or enhance engagement with students, faculty, or the community;
  • must not include any protected data (e.g., FERPA, HIPAA, copyright, personally identifiable information); and
  • is subject to all applicable laws and university policies.

Faculty members posting content on the UVU-sponsored web server:

  • must take full responsibility for their content;
  • must use department guidelines in conforming with community standards;
  • must link to, rather than post, official university information;
  • may post materials related to their academic field or research;
  • must not post current curriculum content and activity, University learning management systems (e.g., Canvas) should be used for this content;
  • must not post student classwork, grades, or any other protected content;
  • must not post content that poses a conflict of interest with the University (e.g., consulting, services, teaching at other institutions);
  • must not solicit purchase of their creations (books, software, creative works, services, etc.); and
  • must not require students to visit their site unless university web accessibility requirements are met.